Cloverland News
August 15-25, 1923
About the Author ~ Guy Forstrom
Guy Forstrom's family roots in Dickinson County, the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, go back four generations. Guy has lived in Quinnesec Michigan for 35 years, which is a couple of miles from Iron Mountain/Kingsford. Alex Forstrom, his grandfather, settled in Quinnesec at the turn of the last century. He and his wife Vickie have three sons, and four grandsons.

Guy has been employed as Superintendent of Public Works for Breitung Township in Quinnesec, for 35 years. Guy grew up in the north suburbs of Chicago.

His interest in local history began from his annual trips as a child to his grandfather Bert Calcari's farm near Iron Mountain. His grandfather Bert worked for Ford Motor Company at the Iron Mountain plant for its entire operation. This "Ford" influence was the beginning of Guys interest in antique cars. He bought his first car, a Model A Ford when he was 15. His interest in antique cars continues today. He has enjoyed writing articles about Ford related subjects in the U.P. for national car club magazines. Included are the Model A Ford Club of America and the Model T Ford Club International. Guy has enjoyed time spent at the Benson Ford Research Center in Dearborn, Michigan, researching his writings.

From the beginnings of stamp collecting in grade school, Guy has enjoyed a life long passion for antiques and collectables. Among many things, he repairs and restores antique radios and phonographs, is a collector of Ford Motor Company memorabilia, has restored antique tractors, and built furniture from lumber of trees he cut down himself. Guy is always searching for a new project to satisfy his curiosity.

Guy Forstrom and his first car ~ a Model A Ford

Guy Forstrom
Guy Forstrom

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